Two Challenge Routes

All Rides begin near the Port of Clarkston Offices

Rides for 2015: These rides will return along with a 25 mile ride. Caution: if you are thinking of riding either the 50 or 100 mile loop this summer, you should know that Web Road is closed from April 6 through August 1 for construction. It won’t be paved in early August either. However, the Nez Perce County Road Dept. assures us that all should be paved and open by Sept. 26th. In the mean time,

The Century and Lapwai Loop

These routes are the same out to Spalding Park. Unfortunately the steep descent from the first water stop is under construction. Both routes will be closed from April 6 through August 1. Early August will see gravel but pavement should be restored in time for our event on the 26th of Sept.–thank you

We’ll swing south to Fleshman Way, cross the Snake on Southway Bridge and take Snake River Avenue past Hell’s Gate State Park to Tammany Creek Road. This presents a gentle climb for about 10 miles through farm fields along a small stream. From the flats of Tammany we’ll climb a bit more to Web Ridge where the route dives into a steep banked canyon. We have entered the Lapwai Valley, home to appaloosa, Sweetwater,  and the Spalding Historical Museum at Spalding Park. Take a few minutes to visit the museum. A ride through the park takes us to the old highway running along the Clearwater River.

At Arrow Bridge The two routes diverge. 50 mile riders return along the north side of the Clearwater on highway 12/95 escaping road noise and traffic with several short stretches on frontage roads. You’ll have an opportunity to risk a few coins at the Clearwater Casino or take a break at the convenience store.

Lapwai Loop 50 milers

Returning to Lewiston at the Rose Garden, we have one more hill to climb. It is just a mile to the junction with the Spiral Highway on Down River

map of 50 mile ride
click on the map for an interactive version Current 9/23/15

Road where the two routes rejoin. Another mile or two along the Snake brings us to Red Wolf Crossing where we’ll sweep around and under taking us back to the Port of Clarkston and the RiverFest.


Century riders leaving Arrow Bridge head north and east on Highway 3 toward Julietta and Kendrick. This road twists and turns with short rises along the Potlatch River,

Click on map for interactive version. Look for Export for tcx and gpx downloads. Current 9/23/15

scarcely a trickle this time of year, Finally, the road quiets into a long, straight ribbon stretching to Julietta. At the ball park we’ll jog onto the bike path which will dance with the river taking us four miles on to Kendrick.

A break at Kendrick will prepare us for the Troy Grade. The first couple of miles are a challenging 9% or better up a forested canyon with a steep bank to our right and a deep chasm to our left.. The climb continues for five miles, but much more gently after the third mile. We have  a 360 degree view of the Palouse. We’ll continue to climb including a hump just before we drop into Troy, Idaho.

At Troy we’ll have another break before tackling the longest leg of the day to Genesee. We take the Latah Trail up a winding section through dense trees, parallel the highway to Moscow until we pass under it through a tunnel. Now we’ll descend until the trail intersects with a road curving to our left at Cornwall. We’ll leave the trail, follow the road until we take a left on the Troy-Genessee highway. This route takes us through small farms until it climbs a hill and drops into a second drainage. We’ll enjoy the full Palouse-rollers experience before this road, too, seems to give up the battle giving us a long, flat stretch into Genesee where we’ll have our last water stop.

view from top of the hill
Spiral Highway from above.

We’ll need to swing out onto 95 now to reach the top of the Lewiston hill. The road is four lanes but we’ll have plenty of shoulder. This is a gentle climb, but we’ll have in mind the Spiral Highway, a 6 mile descent around sweeping, carefully engineered bends. This is a descender’s dream, but we’ll sit up, relax, enjoy the wide open views of the Snake and Red Wolf Bridge Clearwater and all of Lewiston, Clarkston, and Asotin spread out before us. The day is nearly done. A couple of miles on Down River Road and a trip across Red Wolf Crossing Bridge will take us back to the Port of Clarkston and ValleyFest.


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