More Rivers; Fewer Ridges: New Routes for 2016

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“That hill,” my wife, Linda, complained after the century ride.

Not the hill Linda is complaining about. This is your reward for the century ride. Eight miles of twisting gloriously well-banked descent. That’s Clarkston’s Blue Bridge below.

My wife, who has cycled this area for 15 years, had never climb ed from Kendrick to Troy. That’s the challenge section of the Rivers and Ridges Century Ride.

Everyone finds those first couple of miles challenging. But let’s be honest. Making that hill is a claim to fame.

Need a lift?

Still, it looks as though, Rivers and Ridges may be able to provide a lift from the Kendrick rest stop for a couple of miles if you request it. Nothing is firm on this yet, but stay tuned. So if you are thinking about the century but concerned about that climb, go ahead and sign up.j

Or, you could do what Linda did, sign up for the 50 miler and then ride the hundred. What is she complaining about? Wait, that won’t work this year, ’cause the 50 miler has been changed.

25 and 50 miler routes go flat

Traditionally the 50 miler was Lapwai Loop and started with the century riders. This year 50 milers will start at 10am but head west across Red Wolf to Wawawai Landing. And just for good measure, we are sending the 25 milers off with them. 25 milers will go only as far as Nisqually John Landing.

The advantage of this route change is reduced traffic. For the 50 milers, there will be no more playing dodge with 95/12 traffic on a rough shoulder. For the 25 milers, you’ll probably not see a single dog, a walker, or child carrier –relief from the Green Belt’s Family friendly route.

Neither route will see any climbing. 400 ft total gain almost all on the Red Wolf Bridge approaches.

What’s the Downside?

These routes follow the Snake River and a very low traffic road. We are giving you more river views but no ridges.

So what’s bad about that? Well, local riders will tell you that you will likely have a tailwind.


Well, it is an out and back. You can count on headwinds in one direction or the other, if not in both. Those winds swirl about in the canyon so you could have both.

But just imagine the tailwind you’d have had in 2015. That west wind tried to take me off my bike several times but I was riding into it.

Family Rides of 7 and 15 miles

Our family friendly 7 and 15 mile routes on Clarkston’s Green Belt trail are back for 2016. The long route takes you into Asotin where you will find a rest stop and beautiful park. Take a leisurely pace back to RiverFest.

Now why did Linda choose such an unfriendly windy day to tackle a hill and a century she had nver done before? A woman’s perogative . . .


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