And where do I turn?

If you joined us last year you are golden. Yes, a couple of notes for changes will help. And of course, if you are from out of town and doing the 25 mile route which is new for this year, you’ll want a bit of a heads up.

This post should help you out. Largely it will be links to route info posts I created last year. You can find them by linking to the route info category on the right hand side of the page.

So let’s get started:

Family Riders and 25 mile riders please read this blog The Scariest Places I Ever Ride and view the video. 25 mile riders please note that while we started you before the shorter two routes, you’ll likely be encountering familes on the trail upon your return along the Green Belt. Please treat this as stroll, not a race. I can’t recommend riding 129 from Asotin back to Clarkston either.

25 mile Route End of Pavement on Asotin Creek. Take the Green Belt Trail out to Asotin. We’ll have a rest stop with food at the Church (now community center) at the end of the bike path right down town in Asotin. The 15 mile riders will turn around and go back to the Port on the Green Belt Trail. If you are doing the 25, you’ll be on the public roads for the next 11 miles. Turn right out of the park, take the first left and then right at the courthouse. This puts you on 2nd street until you cross Asotin Creek where you’ll turn left. In 2.5 miles you’ll turn right at a Y in the road. In another 2.5 miles, you’ll run out of pavement. You should find water but no food at that point. You’ll return the same way. You are welcome to go back to the rest stop or just ride on out to 129, cross to the trail and head back to the Port. Please be considerate of the many trail users you will encounter.

The Century and the 50 mile routes are the same out to Arrow Bridge so both groups should check out these posts for details.

Getting out of town

Southway Bridge We’ll head down Fleshman Way, cross the bridge, take the off ramp, and turn south.

The Web ridge rest stop has been moved back about 1.5 miles. You won’t miss it. And don’t skip the snickerdoodles.

Descend from Webb Road to 95 and turn left (North) for a bit before taking the frontage roads in Lapwai valley.

Railroad Tracks: We don’t have many and the ones we do have are pretty much filled in with dirt.

Take the Frontage roads in Lapwai except this year we’ll skip the second one. When we rejoin 95, we ride about two miles to Tom Beall road where we’ll jump on the new bike route. It runs only about a half mile but does avoid pottential dog encounters. It ends at Red Duck Lane. A short jog to the right puts us on the old highway which is full of patches but nicer than riding 95 with its heavy traffic.

Lunch at Spalding park. This stop accommodates both groups. It is a little early for lunch but it is half way for the 50 milers and the perfect stop before riding on out to Kendrick.

Jump to Century Route Guides or continue for 50 mile route instructions.

50 mile Riders turn west at the northwest end of Arrow Bridge and head back to the start. This is highway 12/95 and will have a good deal of traffic. Truck traffic should be lighter on Saturday. The shoulder is broad and pretty clean as of 9/12/2015. it does have rumble strips so two-abreast cycling is not a good idea. Also, don’t follow too closely  so that you have time to see debris such as fallen rock or tire remnants. We ride this all the time without trouble.

Casino. You’ll take a frontage road up to the Clearwater Casino. Look for markings to take you into the Casino where you’ll find final rest stop.


Handling the Merge/Diverge on 12/95. At the base of the Lewiston hill, the highway becomes a maze of overpasses. The road splits with 12 heading west through Lewiston and 95 turning up the hill to Moscow and Pullman. This presents a hazard to cyclists. Do not try to blast through these two points and you should have no trouble. Oh, and we saved a stiff mile climb for you up to the base of the Spiral Highway.

RedWolf The road from the base of the Spiral Highway to Redwolf Bridge has very little to no shoulders. Fortunately you can see traffic in both directions and manage your pace accordingly.

Century Riders will turn right and ride north to Kendrick. Okay, the century riders have reached Arrow Bridge and are ready to head to Kendrick.

Julietta and Kendrick. The road has good shoulders but exprect traffic. Rest stop in Kendrick. Don’t overeat because you’ll be climbing immediately.

Troy and the Latah Trail

Don’t miss the turn off the trail at Cornwall. You will climb several times through the rolling hills of the Palouse before the road levels out to for a run to Genessee. A west wind may actually help until you turn due west. The ride out of Genessee to the top of the Spiral Highway will likely have a head wind but I’ve usually found it to be pretty manageable.

The Spiral Highway. Your reward for all the climbing comes with this long, curving descent. The curves are well-banked but watch for gusty winds. Take a break at the top to enjoy the view.

RedWolf The road from the base of the Spiral Highway to Redwolf Bridge has very little to no shoulders. Fortunately you can see traffic in both directions and manage your pace accordingly.


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