Advocacy message to local riders!

If you are from out of the area, you might still read this as it explains why local riders should support local events. Oh, and yes, we do still want you to come join us to discover great riding in North Central Idaho.

But if you are a local, you might why you want to participate in one of the shorter family rides when you can ride the Clarkston Green Betl trail to Asotin whenever you like.

Here’s why:
In addition to the 50 and 100 mile routes, we also have the 7, 15, and 25 mile routes. Yes, these are on the Green Belt trail out to Asotin (the 25 goes to the end of the pavement on Asotin Creek road).

So why would you pay an entry fee to ride the Green Belt which you likely ride whenever you go out? Because an event like this can grow to several hundred participants or more eventually attracting riders from outside the region. But it can’t grow if the sponsors don’t believe it is worthwhile. Why does that matter? The organizers of these kinds of events don’t depend upon registrations for their return. The event is fully paid for by the sponsors.

And who are the sponsors? Members of the business community in the valley. I Made the Grade is a popular event in the spring. We need to follow it up with a successful Rotary event
. . . So the business community gets behind walking and biking advocacy

. . . So that the business community sees an opportunity whenever they see a cyclist in the valley.

. . . So that the need to improve walking and biking infrastructure in the valley is apparent to all.

The Rotary does good work and they are backing cycling. So join in the fun. Do a ride, visit Riverfest at the Port. This ride is the public face of advocacy in the valley.



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