Pre-ride Carbo Load for the Asotin Marina

Friday, September 25th


Port of Clarkston

Granite Lake Park,

849 Port Way, Clarkston WA

Lots of good places to eat in Lewiston and Calrskton but why not try a traditional spaghetti feed carbo load on Friday evening before the ride. Funds raised to help the City of Asotin match grant dollars for improvements to the boat launch at Looking Glass Park. What You didn’t know there was a boat launch in Asotin? That’s because it has silted over and been unusable for the last 20 years. You can help dredge and rebuild that boat launch and carbo load for your ride on Saturday at the same time. What a deal!Spaghetti ad  2015

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City of Asotin has received the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) Planning Grant funding for the Marina in the amount of $61,611.00. It was awarded for the 2015-2017 Boat Facilities Program Local Projects. The City of Asotin will use this grant to design, and permit the restoration and development of a boat launch along the Snake River. The launch, which has not been used safely in the past 20 years, is the last access point to the Snake River near a city with fueling services and other supplies. Future development includes, restoring the boat launch, installing a breakwater, and building new moorage floats, bathrooms, and lighting. The City of Asotin will contribute $20,537 in cash, staff labor, and donations of labor.


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