To the End of the Pavement!


I finally got good weekend mileage but I had to go to the end of the pavement to get it.

Bo made his annual trek from Grand Forks BC to ride with Twin Rivers Cyclists. I think he was a bit disappointed when i was the only one to show up from the valley. It has been an off season for most of us so I wasn’t surprised.

I wanted to take my Canadian friends for the Rivers and Ridges Century ride. He had never climbed the Kendrick Grade and I knew he’d like the Filling Station in Troy.

This year he brought a freidn named Nipper who had a little trouble staying with us by which I mean he was always waiting at the next stop when we arrived. Bo waas good enough to stay with me but I definitely was feeling the extra pounds and all 65 years. Bo had to keep looking over his shoulder to check that I was still there. “I’m back here,” I’d tell him. “I’ll make it, but I’ll be slow.”

Slow was okay today. We had clear skies and sunshine. I got to work on my bicycle tan. Because the Tammany to Lapwai portion of the ride is blockecd with construction, we rode out highway 12 to Arrow Bridge and then followed the route from there. That stole about 15 miles so I didn’t get a century even though I add 10 just by riding to and from the start. 95 was plenty for me this day.

Sunday’s club ride went South through Asotin toward Heller Bar on the Snake River. This is a flat route but I wasn’t sure I’d be up to doing it after Satruday’s ride, but Bo insisted. (That’s Bo with the goatee in the back.) Sunday was even nicer than Saturday had been and this route was busy with cyclists and beach goers. A second group started a bit  ahead of us but half of them turned back early. We picked up a couple of those riders on our way out.

Where was Nipper? It was an out-and-back. He didn’t have to stay with us and he didn’t. but we got him back. Nipper had a flat and no tube or tools. He had to wait for us to show up to help him out. Too bad! 😉

The roads in Eastern Washington and North Central Idaho are inclined to turn to gravel once they get out of town. That’s great for gravel grinders but not so good for road riders. Our Sunday ride does just that–another 4 or 5 miles would have taken us to Heller Bar but on hard pan–rideable but not all that pleasant.

We’ll have one of these end of pavement rides in Rivers and Ridges this year. A very popular short ride of 25 miles is to take the Clarkston Green Belt Trail to Asotin and then head west on Asotin Creek. It is a pretty ride along a stream through trees. Watch out for the wild turkeys and the smelly goats. And yes, we’ll ride to the end of the pavement.

Here’s hoping all your roads are paved.



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