New Routes for 2015 and . . .

The 50 and 100 mile routes take us over Web Road down to Lapwai. Or at least they did until April 6, 2015. That mile of steep descent on the east side of Web Road above Lapwai is now under construction. It is not just a delay. The Nez Perce County Road department will be adding an uphill passing lane and shoulders on the section. That will mean some blasting and a lot of material to move. The route opens again on August 1, 2015, but that is primarily to appaloosaaccommodate harvest trucks. It won’t be paved at first when it opens. Mark Ridinger fo the road department had no doubts that the road would be both opened and paved by Sept. 26th, so keep us on your calendar.

Should something come up, we’ll route the century riders out highway 12 and back. Might even be able to find a loop or two to make that a full century. Figures out to around 90 miles with out our Lapwai excursion.

The 50 mile route would be pretty much shot, so we might take that group south along the Snake to Buffalo Eddy. We considered that route for this year any way.

The Rivers and Ridges Ride goes on. And for good measure we have added a 25 mile route that follows the 15 mile route from last year but runs out to the end of the pavement on Asotin Creek for an additional 10 miles.

The Seven Mile Route is not really new for this year, we just didn’t have it on the route sheet for last year. It is essentially the same as the 15 but turns around at Swallows Nest Boat LP1010320aunch. It comes up just a bit under 7 miles.


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