RRRR railroad tracks! No Prob!

Garden Gulch
Railroad Tracks at Garden Gulch near Lapwai

YES Those are railroad tracks. Taking the frontage roads through the Lapwai Valley adds an additional hazard, but as tracks go, these aren’t bad. We’ll cross tracks five times. Four times are along 95 and the fifth is at the bottom of Watson Road going into Spalding for the lunch stop. None of these tracks are bad especially since none of them are an angle with the road.

Just stand, lighten your grip on the handlebars, and roll right over them. The rule of thumb for handling tracks is to always cross them on the perpendicular so skinny little tires won’t fall into gaping holes along the rails.

The map to the right shows the first four sets of tracks. The first at the bottom is the TracksSweeteater turn. The second is Garden Gulch. The picture above is of Garden Gulch but looking east from 95. You’ll come for the other side riding to 95. The third is past the town of Lapwai on Tom Beall Road. it may look like there should be another set where 28 enters 95 again, but we don’t actually go back out to 95. Instead we take the old road for some distance before turning back to 95.

This image shows more clearly that we’ll take a short spur just wide enough for the tracks. (at the bottom) Tracks2

This gets us back on 95 for just a minute before heading down Watson Store Road where we’ll find that last set of tracks.

The arrows show the approximate position of the tracks..


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