Red Wolf Bridge

Red Wolf was an Indian chief who made a famous crossing near here. The bridge didn’t make an appearance until October of 1979. The bridge joins Asotin County to Whitman County giving access to the Ports of Wilma and Clarkston.

Red Wolf Bridge

Whether you call it Wawawai Road or Down River Road or Sate Route 128, this road runs along the river beneath the Lewiston Hill and is very narrow with  little or no shoulder. In fact, I won’t ride this piece of roadRed Wolf Map2 on a weekday. I don’t like the thought of what might happen if two big grain trucks were to meet  while I tried to balance on the white line.

Weekends are much better with far less traffic and only a few trucks. You may not even see one.

You’ll be traveling west. There’s a short climb up to the level of the bridge. This rise means traffic traveling east won’t be able to see you turning left to enter the bridge. We’re posting a caution for the east bound drivers but we ask you to exercise due caution. You’ll be tired. Stay alert.Red Wolf TurnAt the south end of Red Wolf, take the off ramp which loops back under Red Wolf. You are almost back to the port where dinner is waiting at River Fest..



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