The Spiral Highway

You are 87 miles out, 13 miles to go and 6 of ’em are down.

Spiral Map

Just one more challenge. 195 merges into 95. You  shouldn’t have any trouble seeing what you need to do–cross the merge lane to get to the shoulder. The problem is traffic coming up the on ramp is travelilng at 65 and has a merge lane. It won’t slow down.

We’re posting a “Caution, bikes cross road” sign on that on ramp. But, hey, just in case, stop, look to your right carefully before you cross. You wouldn’t want to have come all this way and the miss the Spiral Highway would you?

195  Merge with 95 Motorists
That’s you on the overpass at the top left side. Cars on 195 won’t be looking for bicycles crossing their on ramp. You’ll have to look for them. Despite our sign.
Lewiston’s Spiral Highway is famous. Every spring Clarkston High School Bantam Marching Band hosts the “I Made the Grade” hill climb. Riders come from all around just ride up this  thing. Locals either love it or hate it. I ride it but just to go somewhere else.

But for Riders of the Rivers and Ridges Century, the Spiral Highway is a reward. ^ miles of swooping, carefully engineered corners on smooth, clean pavement. Yeah, a couple of corners are pretty tight. And remember you’ll be tired when you hit this descent. Take it easy. Look out to the Waha’s. You were nearly there this morning. Stop and take a picture or two.

If you aren’t a flatlander or have taken your drammamine, go ahead and watch this video.


The Spiral Highway was the main road to Lewiston until the late 70s. Make sure you take the Scenic Frontage Road at the top. You won’t want to ride down the new road.

Frontage Road to the Spiral Highway
Don’t miss this turn.

More about the Spiral Highway and Lewiston. Of course, now that you seen this, you don’t need to actually ride Spiral, right?



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