Sweep! Sweep!

“Things are falling into place!” is how Wanda put it at last night’s final formal planning meeting for Rivers and Ridges.

Registration numbers are looking up. This is great since this is our first attempt at an organized event. Wanda Keefer has pulled in favors and every string  she could find including twisting the arms of some Boise relatives to come north for the ride.

The family ride is looking to run itself under the watchful eye of our boy scout leader and the troops.

The 50 miler, actually 52, which locals call Lapwai Loop has the most registrants at last count.

And the century (101.06) is getting interesting. Yeah, it does have a big hill. But what else do you have to do on a Saturday afternoon?

But in case it is all too much for you, we will have a follow vehicle to sweep up the road kill on both lapwai and the long route.

Thanks to the Public Transportation Benefit Area of Asotin County for letting us use one of their vans.

Ride the Valley


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