Idaho Stop

You may have heard of the Idaho Stop. Before you ride Idaho roads, you should know what this means and what it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean you,  the cyclist, have no responsibility for yielding to traffic. In fact there are several intersections on our routes that call for a full stop most of the time. But if the stop sign looms, and you can see in both directions, you can roll up to and after slowing cruise through to your right.
That’s what you already do? Yeah. But in Idaho it’s legal.

Idaho Stop Wonk

I got tired of constantly having to look things up about the Idaho Stop like it’s history and where it exists and where it has been introduced as law, etc… I realized that this is just what wikipedia is for, and I was surprised that they didn’t already have a page for it. So I created one. Any errors, omissions or notices of bias you could call to my attention would be appreciated.

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