Troy, Idaho and the Latah Trail

The little Idaho community of Troy supports bicycling. Since the Latah Trail was completed a few years ago, cyclists from Washington State Univeristy in Pullman and from the University of Idaho in Moscow ride out to Troy for a bite to eat at the Filling Station, an espresso and sandwhich shop. (Great smoothies) Stopping for a sandwhich might not be on your shedule today. The Filling Station is good, but not fast.

TLroy City park Map
Take the trail at the north end of town if yo like or if the road is busy. Otherwise just stay on the main road to the city park.
Instead we’ll ride on through town to the city park where we’ll find a rest stop and porta-potties set up right at the trail head for the Latah Trail. Update as of 9/20/2014. We’ve moved the rest stop. The turn you see in the picture below is still the same, but now you’ll need to stay to the right.We’ll put up a sign as well as Dan Henrys. You’ll ride around the outside of the building to your right and along a paved tree to a nice shady gazebo. There is a restroom with running water. Here. Below the picture is a new map image to show what has changed.
Troy City Park
But don’t miss the turn into the park. We are around the park to your right then looping back to the Latah Trail head which hasn’t moved, natch!
Troy Park Map
We’ll add .2 miles by moving the Troy rest stop to the other side of the park. Nicer resting stop. You still have 40 miles to go. they’ll get easier, but not yet.

The Latah trail starts with a steep switch back and then settles into a 2 to 3 percent grade for about 2 miles. This is a forested section of trail.

Latah Trail (2)Not all the climbing is done for the day, but almost. Next turn, Cornwall.



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