Julietta and Kendrick

That body of water off to your right is the Potlatch River. You are traveling north on Idaho 3 headed for Kendrick and Troy. You are on the century route. If you are not, turn around now. Go back to Arrow Bridge and head west with the 50 milers who have the Casino, a short hill, and only 18 miles to go.

Your day is just starting to get intereesting.

Idaho 3 will have traffic but it also has wide shoulders. It runs almost due north once it straightens out. But first there are a couple of small rises. Once it straightens out, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a Bike Trail sign on your right. Just short of Julietta at the ball park, we leave Idaho 3 for the Kendrick-Julietta trail. Kendrick Trail head Map

The trail stays near the river which stays off the trail mostly. But some springs have seen flooding. You won’t have to worry about tKendrick Trail headhat this late though.No big hills, just a gradual railroad grade all the way into Kendrick.

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Kendrick Rest Stop





We’ll leave the trail before getting into Kendrick proper. We could go out to mainstreet, but that would mean we’d have bikes running both directions on main. Instead take Railroad Street (or alley) up to 6th St.. Turn left to main street. You’ll see us set up in the city park.

Kendrick Map

You’re at 45-46 miles in downtown Kendrick. We’ll be set up in the park with port-a-potties and food. There’s also a grocery and a cafe if you wanat something hardier, but consider before eating too much, you are about to climb the Troy Grade.just west of town. You’ll be at 58 miles at the next rest stop. Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

The Kendrick Grade starts climbing immediately. This is why I always carry my granny gear with me.

The first two miles are the steepest. All but the strongest are going to have to grin and bear it up this thing. Then it settles in to just a normal climb for a mile before continuing uphill all the way to Troy. Oh, there’s a sucker’s descent in there too. Actually once over the first couple of miles, this isn’t a bad climb and it affords a real change of scenery over what you’ve had so far.


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