The Century Riders turn North

So far everyone has been riding what we call the Lapwai loop. We are all together at the east end of Arrow Bridge which takes us across the Clearwater River. 50 milers will continue west on 12/95 while century riders veer off to the right on Idaho 3. But let’s all make that right turn. Here’s why!

Arrow bridge map
Both groups will enter from the right crossing Arrow Bridge and moving to the left.

The century riders will have take the right on that short spur the arrow points to. They will keep turning right and head north. But the 50 milers don’t have to make this turn. They could stay on 12 back to town. But notice that Idaho 3 traffic comes from teh right and merges with 12. That means you  have to look over your right shoulder, always awkward, and it is a tight angle. 12 also has a rumble strip right where you want to cross complicating matters. so, it is safer and easier to just turn right with the century riders, check for traffic, and then make your left onto 3 merging with 12.

It will look something like this:

arrow bridge sign
Okay, the sign won’t look like that but we will have the road well marked and a sign as well.

50 milers have about 18 miles to go, a chance to stop at the Casino, and a diverge-merge to deal with. 100 milers have a few extra miles to go and a major climb. But relax, you’ve got all day.



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