Web Ridge Rest Stop

Both the century and the Lapwai loop riders continue together through Web Ridge to Arrow Bridge before separating.

From Southway Bridge we turn south and then east on Snake River Avenue and lower Tammany Road which takes us to Barr Road where we turn right onto upper Tammany Road. Stay on this road until we reach the Waha Junction. Don’t be foolded when the road takes a hard right to the South. Your next turn is to the left at Waha Junction..

Left to Web Ridge
Make the left toward Web Ridge

You’ll make a short climb to Web Ridge where you will find a farm house on the right and grain silos on the left. We’ll have the first rest stop set up here.Yes, there will be Snickerdoodles.

Web Ridge Rest Stop
Look for us on the right.

But this is not a very good spot of happy ever-aftering. You’ll find a port-a-potty and Snickerdoodles but we encourage you to ride on through Lapwai to Spalding Park where you’ll find our major lunch stop in a beautiful park with grass, rest rooms, and plenty of space. 

If the day is cold you may want to keep your jackets on since you are about to start a 3 mile descent. The first mile is steep but the road is in good shape and there are no sharp corners. Enjoy. Otherwise the rest stop staff will have bags for you to drop your extra geer into.

See you at the lunch stop.





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