Southway Bridge, where we seldom ride!

Note: Sorry, this should have been posted earlier. 50 and 100 mile riders will need to cross Southway Bridge. Here’s how.–CCR

Southway Bridge was never designed for cyclists. When local cyclists cross this bridge between Clarkston and Lewiston, we usually take the pedestrian path on the north side.

Unfortunately, we will want to go south and there is no access to the southside pedestrian path from Fleshman Way. In fact the two lanes of Fleshman Way narrow briefly to just one as Fleshman becomes Southway Bridge.

Control the lane
Control that Right hand Lane.

Take the full lane on this short section. It is not wide enough to allow a car to pass you. Once out on the bridge, you’ll have two east bound lanes of travel again.

At the east end of Southway Bridge  we’ll want to take the off ramp instead of continuing on up Bryden Canyon which you will see ahead of you. So stay in the right lane but claim it as you exit.Rilght off Southway

Southway map
You’ve turned right, but stay to the left taking the lane as necessary or you’ll be funneled north.

The off ramp splits at a “Y” taking you either north or south. We want to go left which means you’ll want to continue controlling the lane until it is clear you are going left at Snake River Avenue and not north.

Once on Snake River Avenue you’ll stay on this route up Tammany to Barr Road, take a right and continue on the main road to the first rest stop on Web Ridge at about 18 miles. There will be a port a potties and snacks but the big stop is only 10 miles on at Spalding Park. Of course, we do have Snickerdoodles at the first stop.



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