Getting out of town!

The Rotary Rivers and Ridges 50 mile and 100 mile routes are exactly the same until we hit Arrow Bridge on the Clearwater River 30 some miles away. These are all rural roads with relatively little traffic. If you ride on the west side of Washington State at all, you’ll think there is no traffic at all.

So how do we get out of town?

We’ll go east by starting west. Our route will take us under Red Wolf Bridge



Red Wolf Map

Under Red Wolf

and due south on 15th Avenue. We’ll have police support where we cross highway 12/Bridge Street and then enjoy smooth pavement for a mile.

We take a left on Fleshman Way at the only light.

Left on Fleshman

This puts us on Fleshman Way which runs directly across the Southway Bridge into Idaho. We’ll spend most of our time in Idaho. 


3 thoughts on “Getting out of town!

  1. We won’t go near Arrow Bridge at all in 2017. The 25, 50, and 100 mile routes all start at the port. There will be two choices for the 50. We will head south past Buffalo Eddy and turn around for the first 50.The second 50 and the hundred milers will head west across Red Wolf to Wawawai and back

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