A Closer Look at the Routes of Rivers and Ridges

I’ve ridden lots of organized rides. Maybe you have too. They are always marked. But not always well marked. 

For a local cyclist, it is often hard to see a route with the eyes of someone who has never seen the area before let alone navigated it on a bike. How do the locals handle certain situations? Shoot, they may do it entirely differently than the cue sheet calls for  or even avoid a piece of road that is desirable or even necessary in an organized ride.

Rivers and Ridges will be marked with white chalk as well as some caution signs. Be sure to pick up the cue sheet at registration. Or you can download a copy from the routes page, but it won’t be formatted nicely to fold up in quarters to slip in a baggy. 

But even with all that help, I know I sometimes get confused. And there are a couple of places that locals ride that might present a danger to unwary visitors. The next few blogs will help you better recognize the route and better understand how best to handle the tough spots.

Happy riding,



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