Be ready for this century!

Hill climb
You’ll want to train a few hills for this ride.

I hate training. I love to ride. I know cyclists who are just the opposite. Don’t ask me to do intervals; but  I’ll gladly join you for a leisurely day on the bike stopping at the tops of hills to enjoy the view. I’m fine with challenging a hill pushing hard for a few miles. I guess you can call those pushes intervals.

Whatever you call ’em, the goal is the same: finish the ride with a smile not a grimace.

Here are more tips for preparing for a century. They apply to you 50 miles too.

Training isn’t just for accumulating mileage. Long rides help you sort out all the logistics and comfort issues that accompany a day in the saddle. Use your endurance training and time leading up to a big ride to dial in all the small things that come together to make a ride successful.

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