Is it time to start training?

Well, yes. Of course. But if you haven’t been out, give yourself at least eight weeks. No harm starting now, though. Let’s go for a ride!

You can find century training schedules on the web with just a quick in your favorite search engine. Here’s one fro Road Bike Rider. It is part 1 so look for the second as well.

But first, a word of caution. Every rider is different, so no schedule that I can produce will work for everyone. In fact, this schedule is probably not exactly right for you. So follow its general guidelines but don’t be chained into its parameters. If you feel tired, ease off. If you feel great, you might want to do a bit more. Listen to your body at least as much as you listen to the suggestions of the schedule.

read the schedule here:  Issue No. 609: Get Regular Check-Ups to Monitor Your Health | Road Bike Rider.


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