Getting Ready for a century!

By late September, you’ll prebably have put on several centuries. In fact, you may be feeling end of the season fatigue setting in. It might be time for a bit of rest. Perhaps a training schedule might give you more focus. Remember, the Rotary Rivers and Ridges Ride is just that, a ride, not a race. That said. I encourage you to be fit enough to finish feeling like you could go a few more miles. You’ll enjoy the experience better if you are fit rather than failing at the finish line. Road Bike Rider has some suggestions.

An eight-week training schedule will get you through a century with a smile on your face. I’m assuming that you can ride about 30 miles when you start such a program. I’m also assuming that your training time is limited. The plan starts with only about four hours a week on the bike and gradually builds to nine hours.

Click here for more via Issue No. 608: Winter of Our Discontent | Road Bike Rider.


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