With the wind at my back!

Drew Lyon above the LC Valley
Drew’s first ride up the Spiral Highway. Rotary Rivers and Ridges century riders will descend this hill. Yea.

Drew and I have stopped to let Linda catch up. We wave her on and begin to follow.

On May 4th, Jim and I did the century route including the portion north of Genessee and back to the top of the Spiral Highway. Go back and read that post to discover that Jim and I struggled with head wind nearly the entire day.

Today was entirely a different story. My wife and Drew who is a new Twin Rivers Cyclist club member decided to ride up the Spiral Highway to Uniontown and then east to Genessee before returning to the valley. This is about 60 miles and Drew had never climbed the famous Spiral Highway. Rotary Century Riders will get to descend it.

The forecast was for windy conditions (what’s new), but we found a push from the top of the hill into Uniontown. Drew was out front pedaling along and I kept having to coast or tap my brakes or both. We were doing 20 mph.

I expected a tail wind as we turned east along Thorncreek but I hadn’t anticipated that the wind would be out of the north as we turned south to Genessee. I was certain we’d get windblown when we turned southwest at Genessee and headed back to the valley.

But that wasn’t the case. We didn’t catch Linda until the road turned up. She was doing 22 mph.

Let’s cross our fingers for favorable winds on 9/27.



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